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Ultrasonic Diffuser - Mermaid

Ultrasonic Diffuser - Mermaid

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What is an ultrasonic diffuser and how do they work?

Ultrasonic diffusers disperse their essential/fragrance oils into the air by being carried in tiny micro-droplets of water vapour. The water is converted from liquid into water vapour using ultrasonic vibrations. These ultrasonic vibrations are produced by a vibrating disc that produces sound waves at an ultrasonic frequeny (silent). There is no heat required or created during this process, which makes diffusing your favourite MANA Fragrance and/or essential oils safe for the whole family.


Diffuser Capacity: 100ml

Running time: upto 8 hours


*Automatic shutoff upon empty tank

 * 6 individual colour settings. These colours can also be ran on a rainbow cycle, or you can use this diffuser without any light at all.

* Aesthetically pleasing metal outer

 *12 month warranty (warranty does not apply for improper use).




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The diffuser is great so are the oils
Love them