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Room Spray 125ml

Room Spray 125ml

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With 125ml of premium fragrance in a bottle, now you can take your favorite fragrances with you! Use it in your home, office, car, bathroom....ANYWHERE.

Simply spray the mist into the air to enjoy the aroma of your favorite fragrance throughout your desired area. 


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Room Spray 125ml

Delightful treat

Working the silly hours i do, I make my bed and spray it with Black Vanilla Raspberry room spray and head off to work, I come home and especially after a nightshift, my delightful little treat of a beautifully made bed and it smells just delicious and so inviting.

Maighan White

Beautiful products as always!

Larissa Kershaw

I am absolutely obsessed with the room spray. I use it every morning after making my bed & spray the whole house & it lingers for hours. 100% recommend

Miranda Rogers
Room Spray repeat purchase

I love my Mana room sprays for the following reasons
- they smell really really nice. I love Egyptian Musk, Pink Chiffon and Sandalwood and Vanilla
- the scent lasts a long time in the room
- the bottles are travel safe. I always pack a bottle when travelling. If you’re the mum of boys you’ll understand why 😂😂
- it’s good value for how long it lasts. I use mine multiple times a day and it lasts months.